Mar 5, 2011

Ronny Rockel: 2011 Arnold Prejudging

Called out in the Second Callout along with Centopani, Victor Martinez and Dexter Jackson, and kept onstage for the the Third, this time with Johnnie Jackson, Toney Freeman and (a disappointing) Roelly Winklaar. And then at the end brought out one more time with Roelly and the two Jacksons.

Dave Palumbo wrote in his Play-by-Play:

"Looks bigger…… phenomenal front double……….. quads are shredded………… shredded hams…….. little water in the lower back……..but this is the best he’s been. Impressive. Arms look much bigger….. his abdomen is not as flat as it usually is."

At MD Flex Wheeler noted:

"Little Energizer Bunny! Consistent and complete! getting better each time! Big full and hard!"

And Shawn Ray thought:

"Huge Shoulders, Lots of Muscle and hard! Better from the front than the back!"


Rick T. Gold said...

One of the hottest butts in the business.