Mar 12, 2011

Franco Bodypictures

My post the other day, the black & white photo shoot of Mario Van Steenberghe was actually a set of photographs taken in May 2006 by Belgian photographer and painter Francis Lambillotte. More of Lambillotte's work can be seen at his website Franco Bodypictures. The site I had found the images of had even gone as far as to add their own logo to the pictures. I apologize to Francis for not knowing this was his work and not crediting him appropriately. I hope to highlight more of his work on this blog in the future.


Greg said...

Francis is an amazingly talented artist. Everything from his pencil sketches, paintings, fine artwork, and photography are completely top notch. His works speaks for itself AND I am happy that you found out that he was the original artist for those pictures. He works amazingly hard and should get every once of recognition.