Mar 23, 2011

Amit Sapir: 13 Weeks to Toronto

At his pro debut last year, the Detroit/John Simmons Pro, Israel's Amit Sapir was 15th. At his second show, the Sacramento Pro, he didn't place (though neither did Brit James Llewellin who just finished 3rd at the British Grand Prix). He is hoping to do a whole lot better at the Toronto Pro Supershow this June, and is currently 13 weeks out (above) and for a comparison here he is in Sacramento:


pearpenguin said...

Amit and James have very similar structures to my eye. Shorter guys with thick waists. I think it's harder for them to make everything pop on stage. I've seen amazing pictures of them both but it doesn't often translate to their stage photos. Love the shorter guys. I'm in Toronto so I'll need to be sure to get to this show.