Feb 22, 2011

Vugar Verdiyev: Arnold Amatuer

The 2008 light-heavy European Amateur Champ from Azerbaijan, Vugar Verdiyev, who fell to 2nd in his class at the 2009 Europeans and then fell to 3rd at the 2010 Worlds after dropping down to the middleweight (85kgs) division.

34 year old 5'7" Vugar was also at the East European Championship in Saint-Peterburg, Russia on April 18, 2010 (but I cannot figure out how he placed there):


Anonymous said...

omfg...i want to lick every one of those six-pack and plow through that shredded glutes.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible man. Packed with tons of shredded hard as steel muscle. Very HOT!

Anonymous said...

Totally amazing! Mind blowing shape and that took a lot of hard work to achieve.