Feb 7, 2011

Matthias Botthof: 6 Weeks Out

Stepping back in time to January 24, here's the almost 6'2" 38 year old German from Gudensberg, Matthias Botthof, two-time winner of the Int. Deutsche Meisterschaft:

At the 2007 World Amateur Championships Matthias had finished 3rd in the super heavies but was later disqualified (as a comparison Robert Piotrkowicz won the heavies and overall that year while Eduardo Correa won the middleweight). 2005 seemed to be his best year so far, he won the Donau Cup, Rhein-Neckar-Pokal,Großer Preis von Hessen und Rheinland Pfalz and Süddeutsche Meisterschaft, all in just his second year of competition.

Pictures from Team-Andr.


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is it bad I want to suck on this guy's nipples?? amazing vascularity too... :)

Anonymous said...

Total Package!(amazing vascularity, high-quality paper-thin white skin, tall enough to look up to, unbelievable crushing grip strength, totally powerful (curls what most people deadlift), amazing speed and flexibility (karate instreuctor), blonde, blu-eyed good looks