Feb 20, 2011

Lukáš Osladil: Arnold Amateur 2011

The current conditioning of Lukáš Osladil, the Czech Republic amateur who I profiled a little before the contest last time around (he ended up placing 4th in the heavyweight class). In 2011 he'll be competing again in the light-heavies, the class he won at the 2005 European Amateurs. The photos below are from a 2010 Flex photo shoot will Bill Comstock a few days after the Arnold:

Lukáš has been training with former British Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates at his Temple Gym in Birmingham, England.


Bodyboy said...

Now those are some hamstrings and that is some serious flexibility! That abdominals/thighs video is uber hott too btw!

Anonymous said...

He does a nude shower video where he flexes his glutes from top to bottom (pun intended).

He needs to do a video where gets fucked like the stud he is.

n2hotmen said...

Where can I find his shower video...I have looked everywhere for his porn vids....
and altho I can find pics from them, I cannot find the vids. Can you help?