Feb 25, 2011

Dennis Giusto: Arnold Amateur

I discovered Dennis Giusto last year, after the Arnold Amateur where he unfortunately didn't manage to crack the top 5 in middleweights. He went on to place 9th in the light-heavies at the World Amateurs (and this will be the weight class he competes in this year). Here he is at a month out back on February 8:

February 12:

February 14:

February 16:

February 20:

And finally this week February 24:

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Back in 2007 in preparation for the Worlds where he placed 7th:


Anonymous said...

this hot shredded muscle daddy is top 5 in my book.

Dan said...

Giusto won the 2002 Class 1 Universe (lost overall to fellow Italian Galeazzo)


Glad to see him getting some attention here!