Feb 17, 2011

Bernát Scorus: Arnold Amateur

Bernát Scorus from the coastal town of Benidorm, Spain. The 31 year old, 5'10" Hungarian born super heavy, who's a personal trainer at Gym Corpore Finestrat, finished second behind Dániel Tóth at the 2009 NAC Mr. Universe in Hamburg:

In 2006 he was the overall champion at the NAC World Championships:

In 2002 he was 3rd at the Mátra Kupa and 4th at the Mr. Hungary Hardbody. In 2001 he won the Hardbody and runner up at the Superbody!


Anonymous said...

Go Bernat ! Superb photos of a superb, lean and muscled body. Truly elegantand awe inspiring.