Feb 25, 2011

Al Reidie: Arnold Amateur

In 2008 Aussie heavyweight Al Reidie was 3rd in the Tall class at the NABBA Australia, and went on to win the heavyweight class at the NPFC-IFBB Victorian Championships. In 2009 he won the Class 1 division of the NABBA International.

Reidie, who just turned 28 on January 19, writes the column "According to Al" for Hardcore Aussie Muscle. From his numerous post and video clips Reidie seems to be your typical Aussie joker! Case in point his Go West cover band tribute. There are a number of clips detailing the breakdown of his friendship with "PJ" Paul James, an Aussie model/personal trainer who became fat as an experiment so he could better understand his clients' needs. "What the general public didn't know is how much his friend Al Reidie would be effected":

Getting back on track, below is Reidie's posing routine from the 2010 IFBB Nationals & NSW Bodybuilding Championships held the end of October in Sydney at the South Juniors Club:

While up next is his posing routine from the IFBB Victorian Bodybuilding Championships where he was second in the heavies:

You can follow Al on his YouTube Channel, his website and his other (older) blog.