Jan 20, 2011

Lee Priest: 2006 Ironman

2006 winner of the Ironman Pro, Aussie Lee Priest!

I've previously posted pix of Lee's 2004 Ironman stint where he was the runner up (as he was in 2003 and 2005), and I've got to say he must be one of the most overlooked pros in the IFBB!


Anonymous said...

Great f***ing legs!
All with the help of those roids thru his terry warmups and into his thigh.

Bodyboy said...

Such an awesomely beautiful physique! He looked so much better before he got his face all tattooed too!

Anonymous said...

lee's as hot and as sexy as ever. he was always a badass, but even moreso now.

he's always married or with a gf, but if u write to him and tell him how much u "admire" him, don't be surprised if he asks u for a picture and tells u to jack off looking at him all u want.

he might also ask u to jack ur dick on cam for him. he's a fucking freak, and i love it.

Anonymous said...

I guess Lee would be overjoyed to know that I've jacked off to his pictures since high school haha.. I love all his vascularity.. and you know he and Cathy Lefrancois had some hot sex when they were still married!

Anonymous said...

now he's married to a sexy aggressive bitch who goes by "the spawn" on his message board.

i get the feeling they have a lot of hot freaky sex, including 3-ways with other sluts and other guys.