Jan 11, 2011

David Henry: True 202 Monster

I am not sure why I overlooked the "Giant Killer" during my countdown this year... he may have been the runner up at the Olympia 202, but he looked pretty bloody spectacular, and I certainly think he has more of an aesthetically appealing physique than Kevin English...


showmethemuscle said...

Dave is a total champ! HUGE, amazing physique, wicked stage presence, great attitude and he seems like a genuinely nice lad too. I think you should hang your head in shame for overlooking him up to now.....just kidding! But great to see this awesome powerhouse of top-quality muscle get a mention, well deserved.

Love the site by the way, just gets better and better. Thanks!

jockboy said...

dave henry is a stud. wish he'd cut the grin onstage, because he looks so fuckin hot when he puts the mean, aggressive face on.

that bowling ball ass in this vid is a sight to behold, and he's just got beautiful muscle from head to toe.

dave also has a mouthwatering bulge that cannot be missed. must be one big, thick black cock. those purple posers highlight that ebony fuckpole for the judges -- dave knows what he's doing.

showmethemuscle said...

Wow jockboy, you sure know how to talk about muscle!

You're right, Dave is a stud and then some. I see what you're saying about the grin and he does look so hot when he's all mean and manly but I kinda think that huge 'eat shit' grin is one of the things which makes Dave, well, Dave! Gotta say I like it!

The 'bowling ball ass' is incredible, so big and beautiful and just begging for some serious attention.

And yep, those posers really show off what promises to be a VERY impressive package very nicely indeed!

Incredible guy all round. He's been 'going' for so long and he probably looks better now than he ever has so I hope that continues and he just keep getting bigger and hotter with each passing year.

Love him! ;-)

jockboy said...

showmethemuscle, glad to find another david henry fan ;)

i get what u mean about that eat shit grin -- i guess i'd just like him to use it less often. his serious look really gets me going.

we both agree on that bowling ball ass in back and that big thick package in front, so it's all good ;)

dave is a serious bodybuilder with one seriously hot body.