Dec 17, 2010

Day 8: Santana Anderson

Winner of the heavies and the overall championship title at the 2010 CBBF Nationals in 2010, Santana Anderson from Nova Scotia.

At 5'8" Anderson weighed in at 223lbs for the Canadian Nationals. For his first pro show, the Toronto Pro on June 17, he is hoping to tip the scales around 240lbs. With a current off season weight of 255-260lbs and spurred on by trainer Salim Satir, Anderson is aiming to getto 265-270lbs before dieting down for his pro debut.

I've been a fan of "Slin Shady," as he is known on some of the boards, for a while (he even had his own blog at one point), and am glad he decided to compete again after a disappointing 2006 CBBF Nationals performance (he was 5th). I look forward to seeing another big Canadian in the pro shows in 2011!


Anonymous said...

That thousand-watt smile tops off the wonders below his neck.