Dec 5, 2010

Day 20: Armon Adibi

27 year old Armon Adibi from Dallas came back strong in 2010 with 2nd in the heavies at the NPC Sacramento. Armon is now looking forward to, and prepping for, the 2011 NPC USA!

Armon has been the subject of many a photo shoot over the last few years, and has stood in front of the lenses of such photographers as Jason Jaskot (the first two pix above), Jeffrey Sygo:

Rick Day:

...and MD:

So here's looking forward to many more shoots in 2011!


Anonymous said...

This man is so hot.

The pecs, the glutes, the arms, the thighs...each one more tasty than the rest.

I hope it's only a matter of time before he does a musclehunks video and shows us the goods.

His Bill Comstock photo shoots are jackworthy.

Dear fuck.

Anonymous said...

More than Mr. Adibi is standing at attention while posing in those glossy red posers!!!!! Hard to miss.