Dec 7, 2010

Day 18: Joel Thomas

26 year old Joel Thomas from Gainesville, Fl, a former gymnast, wrestler and power lifter, has been a serious 'builder now for the past six years. However Joel has only been competing and really taking it seriously since he was 23.

Joel placed 5th in the heavies at his first national level show this year, the 2010 NPC National Championships, weighing in at 214lbs at 5'8".

Joel hopes to fill out a little more so that he can weigh in toward the top of his class in 2011, and hopefully turn pro at the North Americans or the Nationals.

If you've not seen Joel's Muscle Gallery clips, you should go there now and take a good long hard look! But in the meantime, here's 23 year old Joel benching 633lbs and in so doing setting a National Bench Press record back in 2007:


Anonymous said...

OMG!That is perfection!

And I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a nice enough build. NO ass, sadly. I've seen clips of his debut on one of the worship sites. Bore-ing!! Talk about a fish out of water. The pained expression on Thomas's face as the camera rolled spoke volumes.

Master Mind said...

WOW what a physique! Really shows what can be done with a bit hard work and dedication. AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

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