Dec 12, 2010

Day 13: Grigori Atoyan

Another busy pro year for Atoyan: 4th in Phoenix (above), 6th in Australia (next) and at the Europa Supershow, and 7th at the Mr. Europe (he had to withdraw from the Orlando Show of Champions), Atoyan placed generally significantly better in 2010 than his first pro shows in 2009.

Maybe the 5'8" pro, who turned 38 at the end of November will be cracking the top 3 spots in 2011.


Dan said...

I have been a huge fan of Mr. Atoyan for a long time. The guy has been in the game a while and I'm glad to see him getting some recognition.

Despite being really symmetrical and massive he doesn't seem to have the WOW factor like and Evan Centopani or an Alvisi that gets noticed and yet he is definitely awesome!!

thanks for posting!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody can fault his dedication/commitment, but I've never really liked his look.