Nov 10, 2010

Dennis James: Int. Rhein-Neckar-Cup

Big Dennis James guest posing over the weekend at the 2010 International Rhein-Neckar-Cup in Hockenheim, Germany. More at Team-Andro.


Anonymous said...

i liked dennis james alot but over time his 'roid belly has gotten out of control.

Cochinolo said...

Beautiful Dennis looking better than ever. That huge gut is a major turn on and I hope he doesn't lose it.

Anonymous said...

Dennis James is still one of the sexiest bodybuilders. But I believe his competitive days have reached a plateau. His physique can only get more distorted, not improved. And he SHOULD lose the roid (or whatever) gut; it's unhealthy

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cochinolo: He should keep it. Roids formed his body - and his gut is just a honest tribute. It suits him very well.

The last bodybuilder I felt had a huge gut as well - and I loved to touch it - just like his other oversized muscles.