Oct 20, 2010

Robert Burneika: Nationals Champ!

5'9" 32 year old Burneika not only won the super heavies and the overall championship title in Atlanta, but he also got your guys' votes in the sites poll last week!

At RxMuscle's Play-by-Play Palumbo wrote: "Crazy arms……….. thickest guy onstage…… crazy most muscular. Not the best I’ve seen him," while over at MD's Play-by-Play Shawn Ray wrote: "Best I've seen him. Smaller waist. Posing has improved!"

The fans on the forum to me seemed to prefer Kuclo and Keith Williams (2010's preeminent runner up) for the top spots in the class, but since the judges have the last say, Burneika took the big prize home!!!


Anonymous said...

he deserves it, that dude is a monster
and i'm not only talking about his package