Sep 5, 2010

Rob Kreider: Results!

Big Rob posing at Results, The Gym in Washington, DC two weeks before his East Coast Classic win in Maryland:

And then yesterday Rob finished second in the middleweights (should have been first) at the North Americans:

More at RxMuscle, MD and Flexonline.


Anonymous said...

hmm i could spend days staring at his hot chest veins...but let's admit it, his legs kind of suck...

Anonymous said...

For me, this man's physique is one of the mysteries of bodybuilding. In the recent North American, Kreider's overall shape was one of the worst yet he continues to place relatively high. Poor soft-looking thighs and legs, little depth to his chest. Maybe he's the type who looks better in person than he photographs.

Anonymous said...

He is as HOT as fuck.

Total Boneville.