Sep 14, 2010

Paco Bautista: Europa Pro 3rd

5'8" Francisco 'Paco' Bautista placed 3rd over the weekend at the Mr. Europa Pro, held in his home country of Spain. Born in Barcelona, the 39 year old placed 8th in Tampa earlier this year, but finishing 3rd this weekend qualifies him for the Olympia.

In his last Olympia outing in 2007, he did not place (the same happened the year before in 2006), but if looks like he did in Madrid, things may well be different! Here he was just 4 days out of the contest, pretty spectacular!


Anonymous said...

One of the sexiest bodybuilders today. There are clips on Youtube of Paco just walking in a posing suit. That ass!

Cochinolo said...

I wholeheartedly agree.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to be the voice of dissent. While he indeed may be a mass monster and very cut, look at his gut in the video. It looks like he's pregnant. Sadly what most bodybuilders look like today. The other criticism, he doesn't have a chest. Look at his most muscular pic. Really? Look at any of the other guys further down the page, they have a chest. But to each his own.

Anonymous said...

what he lacks in the chest area he makes up for it in that hot juicy ass. and i love the ripped roid gut that holds the pool of man-milk after i'm done with him.