Sep 8, 2010

Mike Liberatore: 2010 and 2008

What happened to Mike Liberatore at his recent shows? 14th in Phoenix, 9th in Tampa and 8th at the Europa Battle of Champions!

In this clip talking with RxMuscle's Dave Palumbo a day before the 2010 PBW Tampa Pro, weighing in around 229lbs (about 15lbs heavier than his previous show), Mike doesn't really look a whole lot smaller (or less conditioned) than 255lb Ben White (who ultimately won that show):

And then a week later here's Mike in Connecticut:

Mike took 2009 off to gain some size before taking to the pro stage but back at the 2008 NPC National Championships Mike won the heavies and was hence awarded his pro card, tipping the scales at 213lbs at 5'7" and 30 years old:


Anonymous said...

For poor Michael, it's the "you were last year's big thing" problem. The commercial interests are only interested in the "next big thing".

Anonymous said...

Can't stop a good thing. Go Mike!

Anonymous said...

love this guy...and also, nice bulge

Anonymous said...

Mike has gotten progressively better, even if overlooked. He should soon start getting rewarded for his improvements.

Stunning physique.

jockboy said...

beautiful dude who's also really hot -- and he gets continually cheated by the fucking judges.

all that incredible muscle plus one of the hottest bulges in a long time....