Sep 19, 2010

Mark Dugdale: 4th in Detroit

Mark's most recent Nutrex Research video blog, posted a week ago on September 10th, before a surely disappointing 4th place finish this weekend in Detroit, just a week before the 202 Showdown at the Olympia.

At MD's Play-by-Play with Shawn Ray and Fouad Abiad, Fouad thought Mark was "aesthetically pleasing! Good lines. Awesome posing. Could be harder from the back." While Shawn wrote "Great color. Nice and dark! Shapley. Chest came up. Great abs! Slight film of H20!"

Over at RxMuscle commentators Chris Aceto thought "super front double and side tri very hard too but not his mind boggling condition of 202 Mr O which I suspect we will see in 7 days." And amateur light-heavy Shelby Starnes wrote Mark "hasn't been on stage in a year. looks great, maybe a bit soft in the glutes and hams though. Probably not drying out too much since the O is next weekend. Should still do great though."

We'll just have to wait and see what Mark brings to the big show next weekend... that is, if he get's a special invite since he has not technically qualified...

Pictures are from RxMuscle.


Cochinolo said...

Those skimpy posers and small bulge makes me drool.

Worldwide bodybuilders said...

He makes me drool, too. His thighs could be bigger, but apart from this, Mark is perfect.

Anonymous said...


Jim Lyons said...

Great post - thanks. Mark is one of those "good things come in small packages" guys!