Sep 9, 2010

Evan Centopani: 2010 and 2009

Since winning his pro card at the 2007 NPC Nationals as a 25 year old, 245lb super heavy, Evan Centopani has guest posed on stage more times than he's competed. That said, the big man won his one and only competitve show, the 2009 New York Pro, which was also his pro debut!

Evan chose to take off the 2010 competitive season so that he could refine and improve his physique before taking to the stage again in 2011!

He also took the stage that month at the 2010 NPC Fox City:

Then in July at the Branch Warren Classic:

And in August he went to New Hampshire:

I dunno, I know he is in off season shape but the guy seems to be adding a lot more muscle to his frame, in addition to the improvements in definition and symmetry that he wants to make, compared to his 2009 self!


Cochinolo said...

The older they get, the better they look. Evan is simply spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Evan seems to be holding onto his symmetry as he puts on more mass - good for him - unlike B. Warren (did he ever have a neck?)
Can you imaging the hype though at Evan's first competition in 2011? I hope he can handle the pressure. Great analysis in your post by the way.