Sep 4, 2010

Erik Fankhouser: 2010 and 2007

You may well have been following Erik's Olympia prep at Animal, Universal Nutrition's YouTube channel, of which this is the latest entry at 4 weeks out:

(Be sure to check out Part 3, when at 5 weeks you can see just how many times, in one interview, The House can say "5 weeks out.")

After taking a break in 2009 Erik started 2010 in good stead with a 5th place finish at the New York Pro in May, but fell to 13th at the Europa Battle of Champions in July (finishing behind Jeff Long and Johnnie Jackson, both of whom he beat in New York).

Back in 2007 Erik won his pro card at the North Americans, just a year after 'appearing' on the scene at the 2006 show (where he placed 4th):


Anonymous said...

He looked better in 2006, 2007 as compared to 2010.

Anonymous said...

none-the-less a splendid physique to behold.

Anonymous said...

Erik needs to be fucked so hard his pecs bounce.