Aug 14, 2010

Seth Feroce: Pro Debut in Dallas

The 5'6" 25 year old winner (?) of the 202 division at the 2010 Europa SuperShow in Dallas this weekend.

At MD's Play-by-Play Flex Wheeler wrote "great legs, beautiful lines, hamstrings and glutes straited, lower back striated" while Shawn Ray thought "so far, he's the contest winner, best condidtion from head to toe, hitting all mandetories perfect, could use bigger arms, my favorite." While at RxMuscle Dave and Sean thought much the same thing, with Dave noting "legs are freaky huge and striated everywhere... Pecs are cross striated... glutes are striated... He’ll be tough to beat here... his conditioning is one step above Shredded if possible... Very impressive."

More at Flex, MD and RxMuscle.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting, seth is beyond perfection

Anonymous said...

Sunday Worship

Anonymous said...

And he won it! :-)