Aug 23, 2010

Mark Richman: CBBF Heavyweight 4th

After winning the heavies at the Canadian Nationals in 2009 (super Mike Van Wyck was awarded the pro card), 32 year old Mark Richman fell to an unfortunate 4th at this year's show.

On his Facebook page Mark thanked his friends and fans for their support and wrote:

"I think I made great improvements this year but didn't receive my desired result? I made some mistakes on stage which I take full responsiblity for! Santana was amazing out there so a "Big congrats to him", he deserved it! As for me I have some revaluating to do? I really ...put everything I had and more into this prep, thats why it really stings right now..."

These pictures show Mark's preparation for the Nationals just 3 days out of the competition. They were posted by him after the show. Below are Mark's own bathroom mirror shots at 3 weeks and 5 weeks respectively (yesterday's Sunday Worship was Mark at 4 and a half weeks out). He looked pretty spectacular!

Mark will be back, gunning for his pro card, in 2011!!!


Cochinolo said...

I'm happy to see these beautiful men becoming more and more available to their fans through these social networks. It's a great way to show appreciation and admiration to their fantastic physique and hard work they put themselves through. Truly magnificent body.

Anonymous said...

mark's wife's one lucky gal