Aug 26, 2010

Jerome Bravo: King of Babylon

Yes, there are some big buys in Canada. Finishing 3rd in the super heavies at this years CBBF Nationals was Jerome Bravo (a great improvement from his 9th place in 2008, but not as good as his win at the 2009 OPA Ontario Championships last June):

Here's Jerome posing with the other super heavies. Jerome is on the far left (for most of the clip), winner Loutfi Ajaoun next to him, Ron Partlow and Marion John on the right:

At 6'1, 30 years old and a weight hovering around 250lbs Jerome can not only be found at Muscle Gallery and Model Mayhem, but was also Contestant #4 at the King of Babylon contest in an episode of Showtime's Queer as Folk (Season 1, Ep 20):


Anonymous said...

I don't think its him, that man looks totally different.

Anonymous said...

No resemblance at all. Did you mean another contestant?

Anonymous said...

LOL, it does look like him (contestant #3), minus 50lbs of muscle that is! I googled Jerome Bravo and queer as folk and, sure enough, found several websites showing him to be among the cast of that episode! Shocking!