Jul 1, 2010

More Eli: West Coast Champ!

A week after his middleweight class win at the Junior Nationals, Eli Blahut moved up a class and pulled it altogether for Lonnie Teper's West Coast Classic last Saturday, June 26th, at the El Monte High School Auditorium in El Monte, CA. Eli moved up to the light-heavy class, winning the class and then the overall championship title.


Cochinolo said...

That ass deserves to be mounted. As one poster said previously: He would look great getting fucked HARD just like a stud deserves.

Anonymous said...

He really is too beautiful for words!!!! Simply wonderful from every angle.....that dirty little smile......and I totally agree with Cochinolo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Bob Paris in his physique. Just a very natural looking, pleasing shape over all.