Jul 30, 2010

Kai Greene: Road to the Olympia

Weighing in at either 303lbs at 10 weeks out or 297lbs 9 weeks before the 2010 Olympia, 35 year old Kai is on target to do some damage in Vegas according to trainer Oscar Arden and Flexonline.

Kai handily won both the Arnold Classic and the Aussie Pro back in March before embarking on a series of spectacular guest posing spots at such events as the NPC Rhode Island, NPC Long Island, NPC Pittsburgh and the Mozolani Classic in Zilina, Slovakia:


Cochinolo said...

Personally not a fan, but who could possibly resist this amount of beef. His tongue can surely go places.

Steroids UK said...

the bottom right shot in blue shorts is amazing. i find the white face and afro look in the video a little odd though and the dance routine is just a little too gay for my tastes.

Anonymous said...

Kai, a word of advice: You look quite handsome and you have such colossal muscles! Your mask distracts the attention of the viewer!