Jul 17, 2010

Jose Raymond: Tampa Bay 202!

With "cross striated quads…thickly muscled….great posing…striated glutes" according to RxMuscle's VP Sean Andros, fellow contributor Dave Palumbo thought Jose and Steve Namat "seem[ed] to be vying for 1-2" liking "Jose's size over Namat's slightly better conditioning." And by size he means that Jose had to strip down to his underwear to make weight!


Cochinolo said...

What a beautiful smile. So adorable, irresistible and seducing.

Anonymous said...

202 champ jose raymond, man you got darn good muscle on you sir. Im Admired,! By your smile. :) This Eunyce, future IFBB Athlete... I love yall" take care.!