Jul 23, 2010

Ivan Sadek by Leigh Carmichael

Ivan Sadek, the 35 year former rugby player and Sydney native as seen through the lens of Leigh Carmichael.

The previously shaved-headed Aussie who came in 5th at the 2009 Australian Pro show, unfortunately didn't place at the same show this year (both shows were won by Kai Greene). In these photos, at more than 20 weeks out from his next show the Dubai Pro Show, part of the 2010 Physique Weekend (the weekend of October 7 and 8), Ivan clocked the scales at 286lbs with only 5% bodyfat! Shame he's not at least shirtless!

Thank you AVBG!


Cochinolo said...

All the pain is worth for accomplishing such amazing physique. Makes me want to kiss that mole on his ass.

Mike Black said...

Nice big rugby ass! He makes me hard. Hell yeah I wanna follow in his footsteps!