Jul 28, 2010

David Henry: Europa 202 #2

Now you know I have a soft spot for Jose Raymond, but David Henry coming second at last weekend's Europa Battle of Champions... that was a tough call. The guy was stacked (though obviously Jose had him in the legs)! During MD's prejudging play-by-play Ron Harris' first reaction was "SHIT!!!!!" followed by he's "thick as hell shredded from front legs bigger than before glutes and hams not dialed in."

During the finals play-by-play with Branch (and Ron), Branch wrote that the "dude is a total freak when he is on 100% he is the best 202 in world back is awesome like a mini Ronnie. Back upper body ripped, legs could be crisper looks great." RxMuscle's VP Sean Andros wrote "the old David Henry is back….condition is spot on….tiny waist….muscle all over….clear winner!" Back over at MD ultimately Branch preferred Jose as the 202 champ (and he was right) going with "more of a powerfull build and of course, better legs." A tough, tough call though and one that really seemed to have the fans and commentators divided.


Anonymous said...

David has always been a fave of mine too, so damn dense! And he's looking as thick as shit here! Great to see this guy is still bringing the beef in a big way, long may he continue!