Jun 25, 2010

Rob Roppo: Jr Nationals Light Heavy

The 2005 NPC Rocky Mountain Teen Champion (he came 5th in the open light heavy class) 5'6" 24 year old Rob from Aurora, CO, won the light heavy class at the Jr. Nationals last weekend weighing in right at the top of his class at 198lbs. Rob lost the overall title to heavyweight Matt Lowden.

Dave Palumbo during RxMuscle's Play-by-Play thought Rob had "Good condition…nice quads…arms need size…shredded hams and glutes…great back poses."

Shawn Ray over at MD's Play-by-Play wrote "Thick Quads! Hard ripped condition. hams are peeled, peek a boo Glute Striations. Back is thick, Legs stand out, Abs could be more separated. Best up so far in this class!"

With numerous wins under his belt (2006 Colorado State middleweight champ, 2007 Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am light-heavy, 2009 Colorado State light-heavy), Rob has quite a future ahead of him!


Anonymous said...

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Cochinolo said...

I'd rather have his tiny uncut jewel in me.