Jun 20, 2010

Dusty Hanshaw: Jr. Nationals Super

Dusty Hanshaw, winner of the super heavies at this weekend's NPC Junior Nationals in Rosemont, IL, Dusty was a pre-contest favorite to take his class!

Dave Palumbo, commentator at RxMuscle's Play-by-Play coverage wrote "trained by Chris Aceto…..shredded…tons of size….needs some back width," while MD's Shawn Ray thought "Big and Thick! Legs are swole! Muscular guy, shakey poser. Legs in shape, Abs peeled! needs pec thickness."

The 5'10" 29 year old iFORCE Nutrition athlete from Scottsdale, AZ was the 2008 NPC Border States Overall Champion was his own website (and blog) and can be followed on Facebook.


Cochinolo said...

I'd plunge my tongue deep into that firm muscle ass.

Anonymous said...

Very nice physique, show at it's best. But, what's with the hair...bald is so much better with big muscles.

jockboy said...

dude is fucking beautiful, and i like his hair, too. looks like he has a huge cock to go with that massive body.