May 17, 2010

Štefan Havlík: Slovakian Muscle

34 year old, 5'8" Slovakian soldier Stefan Havlik from Bratislava won the light-heavy class and then the overall title at the 2010 IFBB European that took place in Maastricht, Holland over the weekend. The following pictures below are from the show (more at EastLabs) along with a 3-week out training video:

Stefan was the 2001 European Amateur Championships light-heavy champ, 2003 World Amateur middleweight winner, and in 2006 again the light-heavy champ at the European Amateur Championships. In 2009, he went up a weight class and competed as a heavyweight, but placed 10th in his class at the World Amateurs (fellow heavy Ali Tabrizi won the overall). Stefan has his own website and can also be found over at MuscleGallery.


Anonymous said...

stefan havlik is so fucking beautiful
his superhuman abs are simply incredible...all of the youtube vids are mouth watering material