May 4, 2010

Jeff Long: First Appearance

At the NPC Nationals way back in November of 2006, then 23 year old Jeff Long was but a novice heavyweight taking to the national stage for his first big show (he had competed at the Eastern USA's earlier that month placing 6th in his class - out of 6). He came in a disappointing 16th, with big Lionel Brown winning the heavies that year, but just three Nationals later he won his class, earned his pro card and now this weekend will be making his IFBB pro debut in New York!

Now if MD could just distinguish between the new, sure to be a massive pro, Jeff Long and the previous 202 class IFBB competitor with the same name, the original Jeff Long.


Anonymous said...

in his most recent appearances he looks very ripped, almost like a different person

hot dude

BigRedHammer said...

He's one of the best up-and-coming bodybuilders. One of my favorites too. The mass he shows is incredible! Here's to hoping he does very well!

(They could use their middle initials to differentiate the two Jeffs.)

free fonts said...

I wish had muscles like that...