May 8, 2010

Hide Yamagishi: 2 Days and Prejudging

Above Hidetada Yamagishi posing at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, NY on Thursday, two days out from the 2010 New York Pro, below Hide looking amazing during prejudging before being called out in the First Callout (along with Dennis Wolf, Roelly Winklaar, Eugene Mishin, Toney Freeman and Erik Fankhouser):

From MD's Play-by-Play:
Victor Martinez: Lookin good, always brings in his conditioning! Top 3 for me
Shawn Ray: Vascular!, Color is great! Improving with every show it seems! He is a tough competitor! Should be top 3 or 4, may take the Wolf out from where I sit!

From RxMuscle's Play-by-Play:
Dave Palumbo: Condition is good but not perfect…outsized in this lineup…could still be a top 5 guy.

More at MD, Flexonline and RxMuscle!


Cochinolo said...

Ok, so Mr. Hidetada is one of rare Asians that always give me a hard on. He really made a super hunk of himself. I hope you will also post some of Roelly's photos of this prejudging. I just never get tired of him.

jockboy said...

FUCK, Hide is looking goooooood! bigger, buffer, thicker, more muscle, and even sexier if that's possible! love to lock my head between those big quads and do him real good ;)