May 16, 2010

Fahim42: YouTube Builder

Who is this 21 year old Canadian upstart? More at his YouTube channel.


MorphMe said...

Sorry, don't know who he is, but he's HUGE! A name would be nice.

fahim29 said...

Hi, guys i'm the one on these videos, my name is Fahim. I'm originally from afghanistan but live in canada used to do boxing/martial arts but now i love bodybuilding. I don't compete or anything I just do it for fun!

you guys wanna check out some more stuff come to my youtube page it's
I will put more videos in a couple of months when I improve more..Thanks for watching my english is not very good so excuse me on the language if i say something not right

jockboy said...

fahim, ur english is great, and ur also one gorgeous dude ;)

dallasmsl said...

Fahim! Thanks for posting the videos. You have great potential and very good genetics. How tall are you? Age? When will you show off your legs/lower body?

mjh2008 said...

Fahim, thanks for posting and commenting! Great physique with lots of potential if you want to give bodybuilding a serious try!!!!