Apr 4, 2010

Wong Hong: Happy Birthday!

40 years old today, Malaysian born 5'9" Wong Hong placed 7th at the Australian Pro on March 13th.

Wong earned a Masters in Human Nutrition at Columbia State in 1995 before returning to the his native Malaysia to seriously start competing. In 1999 he won the prestigious Mr. Asia which encouraged him to come back to the states to earn his pro card, which he did in 2002 becoming the first Malaysian Pro! He had a spotty record in the IFBB ranks in 2003 and 2004 (13th at the 2004 Toronto Pro, he didn't place at the 2003 or 2004 Night of Champions), before going back to Malaysia again (to start a PT business). He returned to the scene in 2007 when he placed 8th at the Australian.

Wong can be found over at MuscleGallery and MostMuscular, but up next the New York Pro on May 8th.