Apr 3, 2010

Ronny Rockel: 24 hours to the Arnold

Ronny Rockel may not be the biggest pro, but I think the following video by Best Body Nutrition shows why he consistently places in the top 10 while continuing to be a fan favorite. Following Ronny around in the 24 hour countdown to the Arnold, where he ultimately came in 6th, as he trains, tans, pumps up and is photographed aided by friend and trainer Manuel Bauer!


j4ckb1ng said...

This clip of Rockel is wonderful. What a build! How can judges fail to place Rockel in the top two or award him a big 1st place win is beyond me. Go, Ronny!!

Anonymous said...

The shots of him working out and getting spray tanned are some of the hottest ever of this uber-hot muscle god! The camera LOVES him! He's gorgeously handsome and his bod is rock hard! Looked better than Branch for sure!