Apr 25, 2010

Justin Wilcox: The Silverback

A slew of new videos (well 3 anyway) from USAMuscle have gone up on YouTube of wrestler turned bodybuilder turned Mixed Martial Arts fighter Justin Wilcox who won the overall at the 2005 Musclemania Superbody Championships in Miami and hence his pro card.

Justin moved on from bodybuilding however after seeing Josh Koscheck, an old college wrestling buddy, on Spike's Ultimate Fighter, deciding MMA was the sport for him. He dropped the weight (going from 205lbs to 155lbs apparently, though he won the 2005 Superbody at 165lbs) and began competing as lightweight. He is currently, I believe, one of the guys on the Strikeforce team.

And so, as opposed to "pretty boy" Justin above, below is a clip, and pictures, of Justin in a fight (for more info on him go to Sherdog):


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amazingly beautiful