Apr 17, 2010

Jose Raymond: Orlando 202

Weighing in at 201lbs, pretty much a full 50lbs heavier than when he won the lightweight class at the 2001 Nationals nine years ago. Pretty goddamn massive for a 5'4" 34 year old and this cements Jose as probably my favorite bodybuilding on the circuit!

After being in the first call out with Eduardo Correa, James Llewellin and Roc Shabazz, Jose ultimately placed third behind Eduardo and Roc. His posing routine can be seen here in the RxMuscle forum's Live Play-by-Play, while more pics can be found here.

Some of the thoughts on Jose:

Dave Palumbo: "Thick as a house….shredded glutes….tons of muscle…condition is on."

Aaron Singerman: "My boy... Thick as a tank. The freak of the 202 class. A ton of muscle on a 5'3 frame. Glutes are in... Dryer than yesterday. Vascular as hell. Going to be CRAZY in 3 weeks in NYC! Watch out Kev...."


Cochinolo said...

Like no other. Would I ever turn him down? No way Jose ;)

jockboy said...

Jose is one hot little fuck, thick as a tank and sexy as hell. palumbo sounds like he wants to suck Jose's cock.

Cochinolo said...

Can you blame him? Who wouldn't :-)