Apr 13, 2010

Ilario Rongioletti: Ice Cream Maker

5'8" 37 year old Ilario Rongioletti from Trier, Germany, an ice cream maker by trade, was the the super heavyweight class winner at the 2008 Int. Deutsche Meisterschaft (though he lost the overall title to current Greek IFBB pro Mike Kefalianos):

Ilario started lifting when he was younger for soccer, but when he got big for that sport he started competing and in 2001 at 177lbs won first the NABBA Germany and then placed 3rd at the World Championships. In 2002 Ilario won the over 30 Superbody WFF World Championships (below) and then in 2003 won the NABBA German Championships.

Though he lives in Germany Ilario is actually of Italian descent, he has modeled for Muscle Gallery back in 2006, as well as doing shoot for Reiny Day and Oliver Rink.


Cochinolo said...

I'd surely love to have a lick or two of his ice cream ;-)