Apr 5, 2010

Erik Fankhouser: 5 Weeks to NY

It's been a fair while since Erik "The House" Fankhouser competed, his pro debut actually, the 2008 Europa Super Show where although he won the Fans' Choice and Best Legs awards he came in 10th. The 5'9" 29 year old from Wheeling, WV is currently weighing around 240 to 245lbs in the pictures below at 5 weeks out from the New York Pro. A video of Erik training his chest can be found here at his website, while below is the big man 3 weeks out of his 2008 debut (to give you a little idea of his progress):


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this outstanding video of Erik. He is one outstanding hunk of beef......the definition of never too big. he really has a great physique.

Anonymous said...

yeah, erik seems to have it all...

awesome pecs, great ass, legs to die for and i'll bet his cock is just juicy as fuck.