Apr 17, 2010

Daniele Seccarecci: Italian Pro

37 year old Italian Daniele Seccarecci has been on the IFBB pro circuit for a few years now, placing 5th at his first pro show in 2006, the Spanish Grand Prix. 2006 has been his best pro year so far however (he was also 5th at the Romanian Grand Prix and then 8th in Austria), as he has never managed to place quite a high again.

Some sites like Bodybuilding.com and Team Andro state that Daniele is only 5'9" and competes around 210lbs. But as the following picture from the 2007 Ironman show, he is almost certainly a good 6' tall and at that time weighed in at 300lbs (for reference Omar Deckard on the far left is 6' and Rusty Jeffers, next to Daniele on the far right, is 5'9"):

At his most recent show, September 2009's Atlantic City Pro, Daniele was 11th:


Anonymous said...

I knew I loved Italy for a reason!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is a sex god. Needs to be plowed like an Italian pasta field.

Anonymous said...

Daniele is 6'3" tall and is way over 300 pounds in the offseason. Frankly, I froze in awe when I met him. He lifts with one arm much more than I weigh. It was scary to think that he could easily scoop my head with one arm, lift me off the ground, and hold me there till I passed out or my head came off.

Anonymous said...

Sadly I just read that this young man passed away. Yesterday I think. Very sad, he was huge and I'm sure had a huge future in bodybuilding...sad.

dallasmsl said...

Daniele died recently of a massive heart attack shortly after the Nordic Pro in Finland. RIP Daniele.