Mar 11, 2010

Todd Jewell: New Old Video

Above is a new video posted by amateur super heavy Todd Jewell from Bellevue, WA. Shot 5 days out from the 2009 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships last November where he placed 7th. The almost 6' 28 year old was all over the place last year: he won his class at the LA Show in mid July, then didn't even place at the USA Championships just a week or so later. He was 4th at the North Americans in August and then as I mentioned 7th at the Nationals.

Jewell appeared on the national amateur scene in 2007 at the USA where he placed 7th.

Here's Jewell backstage before the 2009 North Americans:


Osmose said...

Excellent. Todd is a BIG favorite of mine. I would like permission to use the videos to post on my blog (

Anonymous said...

Todd is looking very sweet.....great smile, beautiful physique.