Mar 3, 2010

Thomas Hurd: Arnold Amateur

"Muscular! Big full arms. Hams are slight, Back wide and thick! Stomach needs better control and more detail."

That was how Muscle Mayhem's The Admin Dude, Mike, described Boston, MA heavyweight Hurd at the 2009 Junior USA last May in Charleston, SC. The 38 year old (he'll turn 39 this April) ultimately placed 7th (Josh Bergeron won the class, while the light heavy Darron Glenn won the overall).

Earlier that month at the Jay Cutler Classic Hurd won both the "Masters" (35-39) and the open heavy weight classes.

A year prior in 2008 the New England Championships, he was the runner up in the heavies and won the "Masters" division (rising in the ranking from 2007 where he was 4th and 2nd respectively).

Now in the run up to the Arnold Amateur here are some comparison shots from last December when the big man started his prep:

And then this week. Looking good!