Mar 1, 2010

Roberto Herránz: Arnold Amateur

36 year old Roberto Herránz del Amo from Madrid, Spain, the super heavyweight known as "El Tocho" preparing for the 2010 Arnold Amateur:

In 2008 at the VIII Campeonato Villa de Aranjuez on October 12, Herránz placed 4th in the over 85kgs class (with fellow Arnold competitor Luis Pernas winning the class).

A year later on October 18, 2009 Herránz came in 2nd at the IX Villa de Aranjuez (behind Roberto Castellano), while at the Campeonato de la Comunidad de Madrid and the II Trofeo Fidel Montero at the Obispo Perelló Theater, Herránz took the overall title.

Here he is posing pre-contest in early October 2009:

But finding out much more (in English at least) about this big Spainard has been quite the chore.