Mar 26, 2010

Phil Heath: 2005 vs. 2010

5'9" Phil "The Gift" Heath tipped the scales at just 215lbs when he won the 2005 NPC USA Championships overall title. At the 2010 Arnold and having just turned 30 in December, Phil weighed in at 238lbs!


Anonymous said...

now that's some progress...there's real difference in the before and after shots, unlike the bodybuilder in the previous post

Anonymous said...

Excellent comparison pics. He's made some fantastic gains.

j4ckb1ng said...

Phil Heath is only 30, so his physique is bound to show greater change in the before and after photos. Ronnie Rockel -- the "bodybuilder in the previous post" -- is nearly 40, his physique may have already peaked -- alas.