Mar 28, 2010

Mark Dugdale: 2004 vs. 2009

In 2004 then 29 year old 5'6" Dugdale won the light heavy class, and the overall title, at the NPC USA Championships weighing in at 196lbs.

The following February at the Iron Man, his first IFBB Pro show, Dugdale 'bulked' up to 208lbs and came in 8th. After some OK placings in the open division, in 2009 Dugdale seemed to embrace the 202 division, placing second in New York and Pittsburgh and then 4th at the Olympia. For the Sacramento Pro in November he went back to the open division, coming in 6th but it seems he is back to the 202 for 2010!

Dugdale, as with Rockel earlier this week, may not show the massive gains that Heath did over the years (and lets hope he keeps growing), but does (in my opinion) show much improved muscle density and conditioning in his later years!


Anonymous said...

For sure always one of my favorites be it 2004 or 2010!!!! Outstanding physique.

Cochinolo said...

His bald look is definitely an improvement. He's bigger, better, tougher and sexier.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these comparison postings. Thanks for putting them together.

Mark D is hot in 2004 or 2010. I'm really liking how's he's embracing his muscle daddy status with the shaved head...