Mar 14, 2010

Hristomir Hristov: Arnold Amateur

Hristomir Hristov, the 35 year old from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria was the runner up in the middleweight class at the Arnold Amateur:

2009 was a good year for Hristov! At the European Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia last May, he won the welterweight class (up to 75kgs/165lbs) and then battled the super heavy weight champ (and fellow Bulgarian) Dimitar Dimitrov in the posedown. Dimitrov was both the reigning super heavy champ and 2008 European overall title holder. Hristov won the battle and took the overall title in 2009! Though only 5'1" he looks massive with one hell of a lot of muscle on his frame, certainly looking heavier than his competitive weight.

On October 24 weighing in at 165lbs he won the overall at the Super Max Cup, Bulgaria's first bodybuilding tournament.

In November at the 63rd Men’s World Amateur Bodybuilding Championship in Doha, Qatar, Hristov took the gold in the light-middleweight (up to 80kgs/176lbs) class.

After winning the lightweight (70kgs/154lbs) class at both the 2005 European and World Amateur shows, Hristov actually competed on the pro stage in 2005 at the Europa Supershow. He he placed 9th in the open class (with Branch Warren winning the title, this was of course in the years before the 202 pro class) but then moved back to the amateur ranks due to a lack of sponsorship.

I could be time to see him back on the pro stage, in the 202 of course!


jockboy said...

just lovin some of these 30+ and 35+ muscle studs with mature muscles and a hot masculine look. every one of em says FUCK ME, DADDY!